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The benefits of a Totally eco Display cardboard banner stand

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The fact that you’ve landed on this page tells us that you’re ready to explore eco-friendly alternatives for your next roller banner stand display, and we’ve got to tell you, WE’RE SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE!

Traditional banner stands are no friend of the environment. Not only are they difficult to recycle, they also come with a HUGE associated carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly banner stands are the future. Fact.

In this article, we explore the benefits of a Totally eco Displays cardboard banner stand…

Cardboard can be recycled

Cardboard is one of the most widely recycled materials there is. We all know how to recycle it, we do it at home and in the workplace.

That’s why our Totally eco Displays range is made from cardboard that is 100% recyclable, even when printed.

Made from sustainable materials

Our cardboard banner stands are made from a robust, honeycomb cardboard that is made from 40% recycled raw materials.

We also monitor and appraise the suppliers in which we work with, to ensure they are aligned with our sustainability goals, striving for Net Zero and working on reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Cardboard banner stands keep their shape

We’ve tried and tested the materials we work with to ensure they are fit for purpose, robust enough to last and won’t warp or bend.

Unlike traditional cassette roller banner stand graphics that eventually curl to form an hourglass type shape, our cardboard banner stands are robust and strong, so they keep their shape.

They’re reusable

Because our cardboard banner stands are so strong, you can use them again and again until being ultimately recycled.

You can create custom shapes

Traditional roller banner stands are pretty limited, they might come in different sizes, but they’re all one shape!

With our Totally eco Displays cardboard banner stands you can get creative, whether its cut to a certain shape, brand outline or character, we can create custom shapes and sizes that fit your requirement perfectly.

Totally eco Displays banner stands are made in the UK

All of our Totally eco Displays are made in our production sites in either Hertfordshire or Essex. We’re proud to be a UK manufacturer.

There is no associated carbon footprint

We’re part of KGK Genix, a ‘Carbon Neutral Plus’ company for scopes 1&2, that’s the emissions generated by our business. We’re also capturing as much data from scope 3 as possible and offsetting that too, these are the emissions generated because of the activities of our business but are not owned or controlled by it.

In basic terms, we measure and offset every bit of our carbon emissions that we can. Whatever data we can get our hands on, we offset our carbon footprint using Ecologi, funding climate projects around the globe.

They are foldable

Our cardboard banner stands are designed to be portable displays, they simply fold down in a concertina style format so that they can be easily transported.

The foldable design is created by scoring the reverse of the cardboard material, creating minor creases to generate a fold.

You don’t need a reach of over 2m to attach a pole to the top of the graphic so, even the most vertically challenged individual will have no difficulty in assembling the unit.

Can be easily transported

For all of our portable display products, we supply a handy 100% recyclable cardboard carry case so that they can be packed away and can be transported easily.

They’re cost-effective

Okay, we know what you might be thinking… everything that is ‘eco-friendly’ comes at a price, right? Actually, our Totally eco Displays banner stands start at just £65! That’s an eco-alternative no-brainer!

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