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Cardboard banner stands vs. traditional roller banners

Roller banner stands are a popular visual marketing aid for businesses to raise brand awareness and promote their products. However, sadly not all roller banner stands are environmentally friendly.

In fact, traditional roller banners are pretty harmful to the environment for three big reasons:

1. They are complicated to recycle there are so many bits and components, especially in the roller cassette.

2.They are often made of unrecyclable materials like PVC,

...however when ordering cheap roller banners, you won’t actually know what material they’re made from making them impossible to recycle anyway.

3.They are imported from overseas, come with a significant associated carbon footprint.

It’s time there was a good eco-alternative to roller banners, and now there is!

Cardboard banner stands are currently taking the UK market by storm and there’s good reason too.

Whether attending a conference, exhibition, event or simply looking to raise the profile of business through visual brand activation, there’s no doubt that cardboard banner stands are the future.

In this article, we explore cardboard banner stands from Totally eco Displays and explain why you should transition to them for your business.

Cardboard banner stands are 100% recyclable

Made from a robust, honeycomb material, our cardboard banner stands are extremely eco-friendly. They can also be 100% recycled in widely available cardboard waste channels.

Made from sustainable materials

Cardboard is a paper-based product, and ours is made from 40% recycled raw materials.

No warps or curls in the graphic

Traditional roller banner stands, have a tendency to warp and curl at the edges. You’ll probably be familiar with this as you can recognise the graphic to take on an hourglass type shape.

Cardboard banner stands are made from a robust honeycomb material, so they keep their shape and won’t warp or curl.

Foldable design

Designed to be portable displays, cardboard banner stands are designed to fold down in a concertina style format so that they can be easily transported.

The foldable design is created by scoring the reverse of the cardboard material, creating minor creases to generate a fold.

You don’t need a reach of over 2m to attach a pole to the top of the graphic so, even the most vertically challenged individual will have no difficulty in assembling the unit.

Comes with a recyclable carry case

Every portable display product needs a handy carry case. So we created an eco-friendly one of those too! Each of our Totally eco Displays cardboard banner stands comes with a handy carry case which can be 100% recycled at end of life too.

Totally reusable

Being made from cardboard, which is generally perceived as a temporary display material, there is a misconception that environmentally friendly banner stands are a one-time display product. The truth is, that is absolutely not the case.

Totally eco Displays banner stands are designed with longevity in mind, so they can be reused time and time again until being ultimately recycled.

Cardboard banner stands are price competitive

Sustainable and environmentally friendly doesn’t mean more expensive. We’re proud to offer Totally eco Displays banner stands at an extremely competitive price compared to traditional roller banner stands.

See the complete range of Totally eco Displays in the products section.


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