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The truth about how strong cardboard banner stands really are

A question we get asked A LOT is…. How durable is a banner stand or portable display stand if it’s made from cardboard? Let’s explore…

Whether you’re looking to make the transition from traditional roller banner stands to something more environmentally friendly, or just curious about whether cardboard banners would work for you and your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

We believe that cardboard banner stands, and recyclable portable display stands are the future. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional roller banners and cassette banner stands which are difficult to recycle and come with a huge associated carbon footprint.

What type of cardboard creates a Totally eco banner stand?

Our Totally eco banners are created using a robust, lightweight corrugated sandwich cardboard. This material has a unique structure that makes it super-strong so it will not break under excessive pressure and will only bend in a predictable way, with the ability to withstand thousands of repetitive bends.

This corrugated cardboard material is incredibly environmentally friendly, as there are no harmful products used in its manufacturing process and it can be recycled at end-of-life like paper.

The material is flat on the front and back, so we can print your own artwork and display message directly to its surface using environmentally friendly inks and print processes.

How does the strength of a cardboard banner compare to a roller cassette banner stand?

Simply put, our cardboard banner stands are just as strong as traditional roller banners, if not stronger! Here’s why…

The graphic won’t curl – Made from a rigid cardboard, it’s impossible for the display to curl on the sides unlike traditional roller cassette banner stands.

You can put it up and down as much as you like – Our cardboard banner stands are designed to be used again and again. Our clients have been using Totally eco banners over several months at various events and conferences and they still look like new.

How are Totally eco banner stands constructed?

Our cardboard banners have scores and grooves on the reverse, so effectively the fold up and fold down again. We like to describe it like a concertina type fold.

Totally eco banner stands are supplied folded in a cardboard carry case.

Are Totally eco banner stands lightweight?

Very lightweight! All of our portable display products in the range are all extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. For example, our standard banner stand weighs only 2.8kg, but that is no reflection on its strength and durability.

We designed the Totally eco range with not only sustainability in mind, but usability too! We wanted to create a product that simply folded down into a carry case and could be transported easily in the boot of a car. So, we did!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of using cardboard banner stands compared to traditional roller banners read our blog: Cardboard banner stands vs. traditional roller banners.

Is there anything a cardboard banner stand can’t do?

This one is kind of obvious. Cardboard doesn’t like water, so you can’t use our Totally eco display range in the rain! But as far as the reasons go not to opt for cardboard, that’s it!

Ready to make the transition to environmentally friendly portable displays? Check out the complete range here.

Sustainable. Reusable. Recyclable.


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