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Our sustainability journey

We’re committed to saving the planet, that’s why everything about our business is centred around the environment.

re-board corrugated board

We use sustainable materials

We work hard to source the best performing, most sustainable materials to create our display range.

We only make 100% recyclable products

We only design and make display products that can be 100% recycled. Most of our display range can be recycled in widely available cardboard waste channels.

Recycling Cardboard
carbon neutral plus company

We're a 'Carbon Neutral Plus' company

We’re part of KGK Genix, a ‘Carbon Neutral Plus’ company for scopes 1&2, that’s the emissions generated by our business. We’re also capturing as much data from scope 3 as possible and offsetting that too, these are the emissions generated because of the activities of our business but are not owned or controlled by it.

We're committed to reducing our CO2

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint – through activities, donations and/or behavioural changes, we strive to take as much carbon out of the environment as we put into it. Being ‘Carbon Neutral Plus’ recognises we’re actually contributing to an overall reduction in CO2.

Commited to reducing our carbon footprint
We offset our carbon footprint

We offset our carbon footprint

We’re committed to being carbon neutral and are working with Net Zero International governed by Future Net Zero Standard to regularly measure our emissions. We then offset our carbon footprint using Ecologi, funding a variety of climate projects and planting trees around the globe.

Our pledge to Net Zero

We have pledged to conform to Net Zero standards by 2050 and are already ahead of schedule to reduce our carbon emissions by half by 2030 – and that’s not by offsetting.

Pledge to Net Zero
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