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Our display products are designed and built in the UK, using a robust corrugated cardboard, which can be reused time and time again until being ultimately recycled. We even print your graphics using eco-friendly inks and print technology. That’s right, our displays are completely environmentally friendly, or Totally Eco if you will.


Our exclusive sustainable display range includes banner stands, backdrops, counters, and literature stands, but we can also create custom displays too!

Sustainable, reusable
and recyclable display graphics

At Totally eco Displays we create recyclable and portable display graphics for events, conferences, exhibitions, and brand activations.

Why Totally eco Displays?

If you're looking for a new way to create standout display graphics without harming the planet, then Totally eco Displays are for you.

Our products are designed for everyone looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional displays, including once-in-a-while showcasers and regular exhibitors too! If reducing your impact on the environment is a top priority, then you've come to the right place.

We’re focused on saving the planet, that’s why we only use sustainably sourced materials and create products that can be 100% recycled. We have a pretty strong eco-ethos as a business too. You can rest assured that by choosing a display from Totally eco Displays you’re having no impact on the environment at all!


100% Recyclable










Easy to assemble


Made in the UK


Carbon Neutral Plus Supplier

Our best sellers

Trusted by


Corporate Fundraising Manager, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

“We are very pleased with the quality and durability of the products! The strength of the banners, along with the sharpness of the printing have made these banners a must-have within our fundraising team! We are so excited to use these environmentally friendly banners to promote our life-saving work."

Make a sustainable choice

The display industry generates an astronomical amount of waste each year. This is because often, displays are used either once or just a few times before it ends up in landfill. Enough is enough, it’s time for this to change.

Traditional cassette roller banners and pop-up displays are no friend to the environment as they are difficult to recycle and are imported from overseas, so come with a huge associated carbon footprint. These products are not kind to the environment and will have and ever-lasting effect on the planet.

Totally eco Displays is the environmental alternative that the display industry desperately needed. Sustainable. Reusable. Recyclable.


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